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A family photoshoot in Kings woods, Challock, Kent

I mean, is there a better gift than one that freezes a moment in time, an emotion, a connection and the love between a woman, her children and granddaughter that is going to be cherished for years and years to come? I don’t think so

This shoot was booked for Paulettes birthday, and was a great excuse to get the whole family together and to go for a relaxing walk in the beautiful Kent countryside. I feel so honoured to see and capture families and the love and connection between them!

I also couldn’t resist sharing this cutie of ‘Mum and Dad’. I always try to include at least a couple of images of just the parents in a family session because I bet if you look through the millions of photos on your phone, you barely have any of just the two of you (that aren’t selfies) now that your world revolves around the children! I know I wish I had more of Paul and I

I adore this job

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