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Christmas photoshoots 2020!

I don’t even know where to begin with this years Christmas sessions!

6 Days of madness 106 children 12 Dogs And 6 flasks of soup to get the bump and me through it!

And SO much fun!

I started hunting for the perfect venue back in July and am totally in love the one I’ve found- so much so I’ve already booked it again for next year!

4 days in to the 6 days of sessions, Boris announced Lockdown was coming in just a few days time which meant the following weekends sessions had to of course be cancelled, but I managed to juggle some things about and squeeze in the final 2 days during that week before lockdown hit. Determination and the most amazing clients got me through that! I had a waiting list which I am so glad I put together and definitely something I will do again next year as sometimes we just don’t know what around the corner do we! I of course refunded all those clients that could no longer make the last minute change of date but am so sad I didn’t get to see them all (most were those with school aged children) and the change of dates meant it had to happen mid week.

I am totally overwhelmed by the support and generosity with this years Christmas clients and now that the editing is done (phew) I can relax and look back at what a fab experience it all was! It really did give me that boost I needed this year but also really makes my heart break for other photographers and events that haven’t been able to go ahead

A huge Thank you to @thelittleweddingwarehouse for supplying the most amazing show stopping props this year- the moon, sofa and fireplace were all supplied by them and they have the most beautiful range of items if any of you are getting married or have an event planned next year!

Also a huge Thank you to @lucyshandmadegifts for making the most gorgeous personalised baubles for every single child that came, especially with such little time when the change of dates and bookings were made- how she turned those around within a day amazes me! Do follow her as she has some beautiful Christmas items!

There are of course too many gorgeous photos to share from this year so I’ll just post a few over the next couple of days! x

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