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Family Photography

For me, your family photographs should represent so much more than just a picture of you, when you look back at these images in years to come, I want you to remember the feeling.

The chaos and busyness of modern life and young children can be so overwhelming that we don't often stop and breath it in. So this is your excuse. I want you to take this time out, focus purely on your family and just be so involved in the moment that you forget i'm there with a purpose and camera, but that i'm a friend that is going to get involved with having fun with you all too. This allows me to capture your real, authentic selves and the connections and love between you all. I want your heart to burst with the amount of love you have for each other when you see these images, and I want you to see the spirit in your children's eyes.
I conduct my family sessions outdoors, where there is plenty of room for your children to run free, act crazy and then snuggle in tight. We can play games, set up mini adventures, let me in on all your private jokes, and i'm definitely going to gang up with your children to make you laugh too! I just need you to trust me and I promise we are going to create some magic that you are going to have on your walls for a very long time!

I'm based near Ashford myself but have tonnes of gorgeous locations all over Kent that I can recommend we use. Whether that be beaches, woodland, countryside or something very different like a theme park. Or if you have somewhere that is special to you as a family, then let's head there!

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