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How to prepare for your Newborn Photoshoot

Once you have booked your newborn photography session with me, I will direct you here and ask you have a good read through when you get chance- I find following this advice really does help the session go nice and smoothly.


It is such a privilege to be asked to capture such precious memories for you in the early days of your newborn baby. This is a short guide of how best to prepare for my visit, so that we have the best possible chance of getting you some lovely photos. If you have any questions at all please do just ask...

Babies are usually more co-operative during the session with a full tummy and in a warm room, it is definitely a good idea to turn the heating on full blast for the session. If the adults in the room aren’t sweating, then it’s likely not hot enough for a newborn baby without clothes on to comfortably be posed and able to settle and sleep through.

I have found that keeping your baby awake for a least an hour prior to the photoshoot promotes sleep during the session, which is ideally what we want. Giving your baby a bath is also a great way to keep them awake and ready to have a nice long sleep.

I will bring along a white noise machine, babies tend to love this as it re-enacts the type of sound they would have heard in the womb.

When I first arrive I will need time to set- up, this is a great time to feed baby so that they have a full tummy ready for the session and therefore be more settled.

I always begin the session by wrapping the baby in a ‘swaddle’ technique, this helps make the baby feel more secure as we get to know each other.

If the parents or siblings are going to be in any of the pictures I suggest that they wear clothing that is simple, light and comfortable, plain colours are best and avoid any logos or patterns as it can take away the focus from the people in the photograph.

Please do not worry if your baby does not want to sleep though, I will be able to get just as many nice photos for you but will just slightly alter the plan to suit.

Newborn sessions usually take around 2-3 hours due to switching blankets, props, feeding the baby, changing the baby, cleaning up and putting the baby into poses and soothing the baby to sleep. The baby runs the show and each baby is different, no two newborn sessions are the same.

Sessions are done at your home which benefits the baby as they are in a comfortable, familiar setting, as are you.

I am more than happy to include any personal items in the photos if you wish, such as gifts bought for the new baby as it’s a lovely way to thank the gift giver, likewise if you have anything sentimental you would like included that’s no problem at all, just let me know ahead of time so that I can schedule some time in.

If you have any more questions or concerns please do let me know, and I look forward to meeting you!

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