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Styling and what to wear

I get asked all the time what is best wear and honestly, putting a little bit of thought into the styling really does go a long way! So think about the colours that will naturally appear at the location we have chosen for your shoot and try to tie them in to your wardrobe choices. You may find it useful to think of a colour palette and work towards that, for example, for a summertime countryside scene with long brown and green grass, I would choose the following colour palette as they naturally occur in the setting and choose the outfits to match;

I would always try to avoid characters or logo's on clothing where possible and try to keep the colours as neutral as possible as we don't want to distract from the people in the photos as much as we can. Think classic and timeless choices and that way you'll also find that the photos wont date as quickly as the fashion does.

You may find it easier to dress Mum first, then you can co-ordinate the rest of the families outfits to match. A little hint of the same colour in everyones outfit works really well!

I also find that adding layers, textures, hats and knits really do add an extra beautiful dimension to the photographs, so do have fun with the styling!

Here are some dedicated Pinterest boards I have created for different type of sessions which you may find helpful too;



colour pallette styling summertime photoshoot
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