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At Jodie Donovan Photography, I take privacy very seriously. I am committed to making sure any and all information provided is kept safe at all times and is compliant with current GDPR Guidlines.


I will keep my policy short and sweet so it's easy to follow and understand.


As you know, I am a photographer, and when I capture those memories for you, the images are classed as data. All images taken by me, for you, are kept safely on a password protected computer and hard drive. Often, they will be uploaded to a password protected online gallery. Only you and I know this password, unless you share this with friends and family.


I will, at times, upload some images for marketing purposes. It is very important for a photographer to share their art, as it is the only way to show people what I do and let them make a decision on whether I am a perfect fit for the kind of photographer they are looking for. If you do not want any images shared, I will respect that wish. All you need to do is let me know.


When you email me, I keep your email address and all information contained within the email completely private. No information is transferred, passed to a 3rd party, or used in any way, except in the case of completing a contract for services. All contracts are saved in a designated folder on a password protected computer.


I will never collect sensitive information. This includes information about your race, religious beliefs, political views, sex orientation or any information about your health and lifestyle. Any information you wish to share with me will be kept private and confidential.


I will never send unsolicited emails to you. I will reply to emails sent by you, but never send mass annoying emails! If I ever have a marketing campaign, you would need to opt in to receive these emails.


If you have any questions about how I store your information, just shoot me an email and I will explain it all to you in more detail :)

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