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A family photoshoot in Hythe

My goodness!! My first post to the main grid since April!! What on earth has happened! Well the busiest time of year has well and truly kicked off for me and I have been so immersed in creating and shooting all things family, newborn, branding @brandsbyjodie and weddings @jodiedonovanweddings that I’ve just had to purely focus on one job at a time.. and on top of being Mum of course.. it’s always a juggling act for all of us but I’ve been really trying to take it slower this year (not so much in the quantity I’m shooting, but more in day to day life and not feeling that need or pressure to be posting to the gram all the time) and it’s been a breath of fresh air!

It does mean however that I now have 2 months worth of glorious work to share with you all ❤️

Kicking it off with this utterly precious family session from back in March for The Stang family @like.a.bienchen where we combined a family session on the beach one Friday evening after school, with some doorstep photos too! Taking me right back to those lockdown times as this lovely lovely family (who weren’t so local back then) had a lockdown doorstep session done but wanted to do it again and update it with their new house AND new addition 👶

A gorgeous little evening, more of which I’ll be sharing shortly (promise) xx

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