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A family photoshoot near Canterbury

The Wilkins ❤️

One of my favourite families of all time and always an absolute pleasure to spend time with and photograph!

I love that they makes this a yearly thing (sometimes twice yearly, plus Christmas of course) because capturing your family at as many stages that you physically can, really is so special. So much happens and changes with our little people, so quickly, so having photographs to remember those stages and moment is a type of magic that you simply won’t ever regret.

It’s also these photographs that I know their baby girl Lyra will look back at in years to come and see BOTH of her parents in the photos with her, knowing how much love she is surrounded by. What beautiful memories to have!

I am forever recommending this beautiful lady to all my wedding couples as their make up artist, she was mine too so I can personally tell you she really is the best in the business. Her page is @withlovelaurenelle and is so sort after in the industry, if you’re in the planning stages of your wedding, it’s always worth enquiring waaaay ahead of when you think you need to. I’m also loving following her personal page @withlovelaurenandlyra too 💖

And a massive Boo! To instas crop, meaning only landscape photos work for the grid- let me tell you as a photographer this is a right pain! I’ll post a few of my fave portrait photos of this beautiful family to my stories instead ❤️

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