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A milestone photoshoot for Baby Keaton, at home in Faversham

Keaton, you totally have my heart! What an absolute little love you are, just like your big sister!

The Birley’s are quite regular on my screen as they tend to come to me every few months for a little life update and baby milestone session. We’ve been friends since school and every time I see them for a shoot we end up talking a million miles an hour just to catch up with all our news and it’s so so lovely to feel this well connected to the people I’m photographing! I knew Holly wanted to have a 3 month baby milestone session for Keaton, following his newborn one with me but with the diary been as crazy as it has been and is for this year, we hadn’t managed to schedule anything in… but then I had a postponement come in and we managed to organise this whole session the night before the shoot! Luckily I know them well so knew what they would be after and what also made it special was we were cross referencing these photos to his big sisters milestone photos too!

The smile of this kid is infectious

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