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A relaxed, natural family photography session at Camber Sands

When my clients interact completely naturally, it genuinely makes my heart skip a beat! You just can’t force that magic! As much as I’ll take control of the shoot, make you feel that you’re in the hands of a professional (hopefully), I’ll find the most aesthetically pleasing locations, make sure the light is working its magic and being as flattering as possible for you- I’ll always then just ask you to interact with each other, smile, giggle and just be present in that moment with your children with a few little prompts along the way.

So often I’m told how a shoot experience with me is so much more than just the photos… it’s the memories these kiddies have with the whole evening… it’s the chats and the walks in between and the fun we have that stays with them for just as long as the final product does too!

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