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An alternative Canterbury wedding!

It’s an absolute crime to be honest that I am only just getting round to posting these photos! This wedding was SO cool! So different, so quirky and just bliming marvellous!!

When @han2476 got in touch and told me their alternative plan for them to get hitched, I was SO excited!!

They begun with the official bit being done and dusted at Canterbury registry office with a few of their closest friends, then walked through Canterbury High street to McDonald’s for their first meal as Mr and Mrs! How cool is that 😎 then off they went for an afternoon of celebrations with the rest of their friends and family (and even had an appointment at a tattooist to mark the occasion too!)

Having grown up in Canterbury and knowing it like the back of my hand, I knew a few beautiful spots we could stop along at the way and grab some images for them! Oh and there was that moment we stopped traffic at the Westgate Towers… anything to get the shot!

I knew Hannah was going to look beyond beautiful but I mean come on look at the pair of them… they look insane don’t they! 🔥

Loved it! More weddings like this please!

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