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Anna and Mervs surprise wedding!

Now and then you get an enquiry that comes through and you squeal with excitement! Well last year, I opened up a little email from Anna.

Her email was a quite different, she explained she was planning a SURPRISE WEDDING!! and that only their children and her Mother would be at the ceremony, soon followed by their closest family and friends, who all thought they would be attending a joint 50th birthday party.

Anna and Merv had already been clients of mine, having photographed them a few years ago, and also amongst Anna’s extended family, almost 6 years ago, I already knew what a pleasure it would be as she is just one of those people I instantly adored!

Having that opportunity to photograph something so unique, full of love, emotion and genuine reactions, I’d been looking forward to it since then!

The reaction from everybody was amazing, I genuinely cried a little tear of joy when Anna’s daughter walked her down the aisle, and every time a guest arrived, saw the sign, Anna in her wedding dress and it clicked what was happening, goosebumps took over my body!

I’ve only edited a few previews for them so far but I am itching to get their full gallery to them now! What a way to start to 2024 wedding season!

Here are a few snippets… the reactions will be my next post!

Venue- @secretgardenkent

Hair- @harrisonshairt

Dress- @jennypackham @jp.white.edit

Tiara- @lola_and_alice

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