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Baby Roman, my own baby boys newborn photoshoot

Two weeks of loving you baby boy and what a pleasure you are

Two weeks since you surprised us with your arrival after a busy day of gardening, fully expecting to be induced three days later, it was an intense three hour labour, we got our water birth we had wished but not really planned for, and although you got well and truly stuck at one point, with your head being born still in the amniotic sac (the pictures are amazing but don’t worry I won’t be posting them anywhere ), mummy broke her coccyx pushing you out and you finally arrived, all 10lbs 10oz of you, at 10:10pm- I wonder what your lucky number is going to be!

My last scan was the standard 20 week one, he wasn’t measuring particularly big and Summer was only 6lbs 12oz so his size is a mystery and still a shock! Just look at those rolls and cheeks though

There hasn’t been much sleep since he arrived as he is one hungry baby, but it’s all only temporary and he is so worth it. His big sister is just as obsessed as we are, she’s such a little mum already xx

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