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It’s me.. Hi!… I’m the problem it’s me!…

(honestly I’m such a Miranda when I hear a line from a song, please tell me I’m not the only one that does that? It’s an actual problem and I do it in my head during conversations with actual people at least three times a day… it’s not normal is it?)

Aaaannnyyway… Hi!! I haven’t posted a photo to the grid of myself for aaaages and all the business books and podcasts I listen to tell me I should do it a lot more! Apparently every 9th post should be the person behind the business. So this is me popping up, saying Hi and basically just letting you know that yet again this week my mind has been completely blown by the love and bookings by so many of you with my bluebell mini sessions. They were completely sold out within a couple of hours of being released! I haven’t done them in four years so I genuinely had no idea how it was going to go! Now we just need to hope for a fantastic spring and that they arrive on time as planned.

Just a little diary update for you;

My bookings diary is now completely full until September!!! I cannot express enough without sounding very cheesy, just how much this means to me! I still pinch myself that this is my job and that you all bring me enough business to allow me to plan this far in advance!

And to any fellow business people who see this and feel they haven’t got the same, trust me, being ‘fully booked’ means very different things to everyone. For me, fully booked is having two shoots during the week and it’s one shoot every other weekend (majority of them being weddings of course) but this is the year that I get that life/ work balance better, so I work an absolute minimum during half terms and the summer holidays. 2-3 shoots per week may not sound a lot, but when you factor in the hours and hours of editing and admin I do per session, it really adds up.

And finally, I will absolutely still be doing my summertime mini sessions in July!

Thank you so much for just being the best supporters! Even if you’ve never had a shoot with me, the likes, comments and shares mean so much!

Jodie x

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