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Lilys Nan

Lilys Nan ❤️

What a woman! And there’s a little story from the wedding day, (with her permission) that I have to share with you.

So we are almost finished with bridal prep, Lily is just getting in her dress and her Nan walks in, looking absolutely beautiful in a gorgeous green dress… but there’s a problem.. the zip is broken and it’s unwearable 😱 She has no other options and doesn’t live close by… the panic was very real at this point! If you’ve ever experienced a wedding morning where prep is at a different location to the venue and you’re short on time, you’ll know it can be quite tense! However, everyone in the room all pull together to try and fix it and come up with solutions but it’s no use… suddenly I remembered I’ve got my spare ‘lucky’ black jumpsuit hanging up in my car. I offer it to her and run down and grab it. It fits a dream and she goes for it! She wore my lucky jumpsuit the whole day and even threw some amazing moves on that dance floor! Just goes to show… always be prepared for the unexpected!

I’ve now added ‘spare outfit’ to my emergency wedding kit… just in case!

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