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So what is a ‘mini session’ and what is the difference to a full family session with me?

Twice a year, I hold mini sessions… once in the spring/ summer months and again in October/ November time for my Christmas shoots.

A mini session is a much shorter session to a full shoot with me, I hold them at one specific location and host them back to back. This can work wonderfully for children who are usually ‘on form’ for a short, but intense period of time, may be more convenient for you AND they are usually half the price of a full session. However, with a full session you really do get the full package, you have my undivided attention and shooting time for at least an hour (I never set a strict time though as every family and their needs are so different), we get to explore a location of your choice, take it nice and slow and really give your child time to get to know and relax around me.

My diary this year for full sessions was very full early on, but if you know me, you know I hate saying no and turning away clients (especially if you’ve been to me before) so the mini sessions this year have been a great way to catch up with lots of families I otherwise wouldn’t have had chance to see and photograph and with these little people, we all know too well how fast they grow, so documenting them growing really is too special to miss

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