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My reasons ‘Why’ ❤️

It’s these two right here! They are the reason I give my absolute everything to every single shoot I do. The reason I end up editing until 2am often. Forever planning and prepping in the back of my mind. Trying my best to be as present with them during the day and as soon as bedtime hits… work mode begins! The reason I limit my bookings and turn down many opportunities… because this time right here and now is far too precious. They’re the reason I gave up a ‘good career’ and went self employed. They made me grab ‘this’ opportunity by the horns and totally go for it! Every day I thank my lucky stars for the life my business allows me to live, completely and totally focused around these children. And that value of the right here and now, will only grow stronger the older they get, because we always had this time ❤️

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