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Newborn baby Lottie's photoshoot at home near Canterbury

I am even more grateful to you all for your friendship, love and bookings over the past year than I ever have been. The flexibility I’ve been able to have this year with having Roman in April has meant I really have had the best of both worlds with a life/ work balance (and always in that order). On paper I was back to work when he was just 4 weeks old but in reality this isn’t a ‘normal job’ and every single shoot I was able to accommodate this year has been a complete pleasure. When things did get too much, and I had to postpone a few sessions, you were incredibly supportive and understanding. I think that’s because the majority of my clients are or have been in that early mum bubble and just to totally get it. The appreciation I have for this role and YOU is immeasurable, so Thank You

Also, totally in love with these backlit, black and white images from Lotties newborn session back in July… skip to image 3, can you spot the chocolate button bribes? Always keeping it real

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