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The Collyers

Choosing my favourites from this gallery to share has been impossible… so expect to see a couple of posts to hit the grid this week.

As always, an evening spent with The Collyers was filled with so much fun, love and beautiful little moments. They really are a photographers dream family!

I took them to one of my favourite locations I use and we timed it well so that the girls had their dinner just before (to me, food and timings are so important to scheduling my sessions with particular ages of children to really get the most from them, especially when you want to time it for the good light). We met a couple of hours before sunset so that we had time get them all warmed up, walk to the best parts of the location and of course stop for chats and snack breaks along the way.

It really was another one of those evenings where I have to pinch myself, realising that this is my actual job! Turns out it’s not a fluke, and I’m in this for the long game ❤️

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