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The little girl that stole my heart!

I asked her to close her eyes, and think about something she loves about Mummy- purely a distraction technique so that I could move position and make her giggle naturally- we got the shot and moved on. I didn’t ask her what she was thinking. She then held my hand and we walked some more, she then said to me in the softest of voices “Something I love about my mummy is that she works really hard, looks after me and Roman and we are best friends” I’m sure my heart burst right there and then!

This shoot was so much more than just another shoot of my ‘photographers child’. It was some ‘us’ time, Roman was asleep at home with Daddy and we went on a little evening adventure.

We drove around, chasing the yellow fields we could see in the distance (we had no idea where we were going until we got there), we sung our hearts out to Disney, played games, watched paragliders fly over us and land in the next field, the sun was setting and the smell from the fields and summer evening was beautiful!

My life mission now is give these kids the best childhood, and I hope little evenings like this will stay with her forever

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