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The realisation that my baby is going to be two next month!!

And being completely open and honest, I’m quite relieved the baby stage is done for us!

Of course I love a baby, I adore them and my whole business is built around them. But man can they be hard work! I had a completely different experience with Roman than I did with Summer, maybe it’s a boy thing, I’m not sure. Going from one to two children was definitely more difficult than I had imagined and that sleep deprivation hit different this time. There’s just no chance of catching up when you’ve got the first to keep you on your toes and give that love and undivided attention to when you get a nap from the second. That ‘mum guilt’ is a bugger too!

The toddler stage of course has its other challenges, but I was given some great advice with having boys; ‘They need plenty of food and plenty of exercise, a bit like a Labrador’ and to be fair that seems to do the trick with this one! Gosh he’s cute!

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