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Throwback to one of my favourite shoots of 2020!

I’m sat here reminiscing this morning, whilst getting all my admin in order and scheduling posts ready for my maternity leave and thinking of how much fun this session was!

A beautiful August evening at the lakes with this gorgeous bunch of siblings who had booked in this session as a surprise gift for their parents.

They were so authentic together! It’s always important to me that I put you at ease in front of the camera and usually the focus is on young children with my family sessions which takes the attention away from the adults and they soon feel relaxed, but with this lovely bunch all being in their 20’s and very early 30’s I knew I’d need a slightly different approach- so I suggested they brought along a blanket, a pack of cards and we would just document them having a laugh together in a very natural way- after all that’s exactly what their parents would want to see isn’t it? We went for a walk, they had a paddle in the water and whenever siblings get together- there are always play fights and competitions honestly we didn’t stop laughing the whole time!

Check out my stories for some behind the scenes clips of this shoot!

Also a little plug for Ollie- he is an amazing singer and musician (was actually on Xfactor a few years ago)- go check him out @ollieswain1

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