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Twins, Sunflowers and Wild Meadows

Oh girlies!!! This shoot really was what dreams are made of 💫

Another of those families that I instantly felt a connection with and knew even from the planning stage that this was going to be something really special. I’m also so happy I convinced Mum and Dad to be in a few photos, it was so not their plan but I know they’re so grateful I gave them the nudge!

We initially mentioned bringing a picnic for dinner for the twins to help keep them happy as the best time of day for the shoot was going to be quite late for their routine, and we ended up creating a little fruit and sunflower celebration for them! Then afterwards we just let them explore, run free and play and as they spent some special time together as a family, I just captured it all as the magic unfolded.

Perfection summer evenings 📷

This is just a handful of my faves, their gallery is HUGE!

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