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2 day countdown until im back photographing those babies... not that i'm excited much!

You'd think with all these months away from shooting, I would have caught up with updating recent shoots on my pages, but nope, always so much to do!

Here is the most beautiful baby Rosie, who I met back in March! I've been friends with her gorgeous Mummy and Daddy for years now so it so lovely to be asked to capture their babies newborn photos.. and get the first of those baby cuddles of course!

She was the last baby I photographed before Lockdown and im so pleased we got the opportunity to! So much has been stolen from those lockdown babies and new parents, meeting their friends and family, being able to go to those baby groups, just having that initial 'maternity leave feeling' and so much more. I really do feel for them, but what an amazing bond those families are going to have! xx

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