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Baby Myla

A beautiful name for a beautiful girl who has already had two photo shoots with me within the space of just a few weeks!! (newborn and Christmas of course) She is another gorgeous girl I could have very easily have taken home! x

Despite not being able to physically photograph clients right now due to the Tier 4 rules, I’ll be continuing to share my recent work with you! It actually gives me chance to catch up a bit! And for the first time ever, I am actually up to date with my admin and accounts (check me out Anne!) and speaking of accounts, if anyone is in need of a book keeper I highly recommend the amazing Anne Davies from Anne's Accounts - she’s based in Herne Bay and has helped me no end- she really knows her stuff and is such a lovely, friendly lady too!

I am totally up to date with all client galleries and just have a few personal projects I still need to edit from back in the Summer- nows my chance to catch up with those!

Keep safe and sane everyone

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