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I knew I would miss photographing those gorgeous babies, but I never thought I would miss it this mu

Ahh its like an itch I just can't scratch! I just need to be creating set ups, meeting new families, wrapping those babies, positioning them to perfection, getting my lighting just right and capturing that snapshot in time! And with my family shoots, I can't wait to capture those raw emotions and connections in the most relaxed, fun and genuine way as soon as this lockdown is lifted.

I was hoping from this weeks announcement that I may be able to return to photographing families outdoors and from a distance, but it's just not been made possible yet. As soon as we are able to meet more than one person outside of our household and in an outdoors environment I will be opening that diary back up! And I cannot wait! Here is Baby Payton who I met back in February just for a little fix. Her lovely family ordered some prints which are being delivered today xx

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