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My own baby at age three!

Every once in a while, I like to set myself a new little project just for me.. I have wanted for so long to have been able to photograph my own little princess as a newborn.

However.. she is now a 3 year old!

But last Saturday morning, she was watching me edit away, whilst still in out pyjamas with a cosy film on in the background, when she asked me if she could 'pretend to be a baby for Mummy's photos'. So I grabbed the opportunity, armed myself with chocolate coins as bribery and quickly set up my lights and posing bed in the living room and managed to capture these..

She gave me a good 30 seconds before she got bored as most three year olds do, but I am well chuffed I managed to get these... I know I am biased, but how beautiful is she!

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