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Weddings in 2020! What a crazy year!

So right now I should be at the peak of my wedding season, but as we all know that’s not quite gone to plan this year! I photographed a beautiful vow renewal on Saturday and have a wedding next Friday which I am extremely excited about! It’s for a gorgeous friend and she’s marrying a farmer, so it’s tractor transport, rustic vibes and totally up my street kind of day!

With the huge reduction in numbers allowed to go ahead for weddings at the minute, weddings are of course very different... but does that need to be a negative different? I don’t think so! From what I’ve been seeing, they are so much more meaningful. More time to soak it all up, focus on the purpose of the day and spend time with your absolute nearest and dearest! I can see this becoming a more common trend you know, just like elopements seem to be in America, weddings are coming away from the big grand day, the 100+ guest list and are coming back down to exactly what is it all about- marrying your soulmate

If you follow me on Instagram, I keep my weddings account separate over at @jodiedonovanweddings - it’s taken a bit of a back seat this year but 2021 and 2022 are going to be amazing

Thanks to ‘my soulmate’ @kentsportsimages for taking this behind the scenes shot of me at work grabbing those bridal party group shots at our last wedding back in February from Ruth and Alex’s stunning wedding day at @hayne_house_kent_wedding_venue #kentweddingphotographer #haynehouse #haynehousewedding #haynehouseweddingphotographer #canterburyweddingphotographer #ashfordweddingphotographer #jodiedonovanweddings

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